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If you are looking for a church with traditional Christian values, you
have found it.


Welcome to the First Christian Church of Kittery Point, Maine.  We are an evangelical church committed to the authority of the Bible.  We are affiliated with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, CCCC, who support traditional Biblical values following the love and teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Established on November 6, 1806, "For the glory of God," we continue the historic tradition of our first pastor, Mark Fernald who was the first preacher in New England to fashion himself as simply, "Christian."

We gladly join with other evangelical churches in the work of the gospel and service to our community.


Please join us for uplifting services and fellowship!

Bring your God given gifts and talents as we shine as a light in the darkness and grow His church.  Additionally, if you love to sing or play and instrument bring your talents to our Praise Team and its growing music ministry.   

Adult Sunday School:  9:00 AM
Sunday Church Service:  10:00 AM
Children's Sunday School:  10:00 AM (January-June)

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