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Our History

Elder Moses Safford, a native of Massachusetts and the first Christian minister in Maine and the first preacher in Maine to style himself "Christian" without any additional name took charge of the little flock, in Kittery Point. Elder Safford led the Church in building the first Meeting House, constructed in Kittery Point on Tenney Hill, dedicated December 22, 1807. Elder Safford faithfully led the church throughout the War of 1812 and ministered until 1815.

The second pastor of the First Christian Church was Elder Mark Fernald, who was born in Kittery Point, in 1784. His father was John Fernald and his mother was Elizabeth (White) Fernald. Elder Fernald saw the construction of a new Meeting House at the present location. It was erected in 1842. On August 10, 1849 “the Chapel of the First Christian Church was destroyed by fire – "the work of an enemy.” A new Christian Chapel, the present Church Sanctuary, was built and “publicly dedicated to God and His son Jesus Christ, as a House in which true worshipers should enjoy liberty to worship in Spirit and in Truth,” January 26, 1850. Elder Mark Fernald led the First Christian Church for about 36 years and his service ended, in 1851.

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